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If you’ve been looking around for cheap and reliable Ready Mix Concrete Bags suppliers in your area and have so far come up short, give Surrey Ready Mix a try.

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Concrete Bags Delivered In London

Many companies in the Surrey region need reliable, local rental concrete mix hiring services that focus on speedy delivery and the best prices for concrete bags in the region.

Surrey Ready Mix is always ready to cater to that exact need. Also, they supply ready mix concrete and concrete pump hire services.

We understand that time is money, and our cheap, low cost and reliable concrete bags will be with you at your house or premises as soon as possible – and at the best rates to fit your budget, direct from our plant.

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Competitive Prices

Competitive Prices

Receive the best value for your hard earned money when buying your easy mix concrete from our leading company.

On Time Delivery

On Time Delivery

Efficient concreting services that are always on time, so that we can get started on your project right away.

Pay For What You Need

Pay For What You Need

Only ever pay for what you use with our concrete mixed by trained specialists.

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Looking For Concrete Bags ‘Near Me’?

We’re a local, ‘near me’ company that focuses on building a quote to fit your exact needs and expectations – why settle for less – or, on the other hand, more?

“Best Concrete Bags Suppliers In Your Area – Call Us Today

Hire a truck, lorry, or any of our vehicles direct from our supplier and we will be with you to supply cheap concrete bags for all needs.

Mini, small and large alike. Hiring our bags – to help cement floors, ceilings and more besides – couldn’t be simpler.

There’s not always going to be a need for a pump truck!

Choose from our premix concrete bags, ready mix concrete bags, post mix concrete bags and dry mix concrete bags – why haul it all from your local Homebase when we can deliver it all to you?

Let us know more about your construction site or project needs and we will work out a quote for ready mix concrete bags per yard – it really is that easy.

Surrey Concrete Bags for Less

We’re pleased to be able to continue supplying our customers with bags that are competitively priced against that which you would normally expect to be paid – based entirely upon exactly how much you need, and when you need it.

Never pay for more – and certainly never buy less than you need.

Our experts will work out exactly how much your project needs to ensure that you have the best possible mix in our concrete bags – and that you have enough to cover each last square inch of your project area.

Why go it alone?

Concrete Bags Delivery

Concrete Bags Delivery When You Need It

Don’t waste time, energy and money going directly to the high street.

One of the huge benefits of buying local concrete bags from home-grown suppliers such as ourselves lies in the fact that we will charge you honest rates tailored to your needs.

There’s never any talk of RRP here – Pay on what you used, and nothing more.  What’s more, we work this all out for you and deliver exactly when you need it all – what more could you need?

Call Surrey Ready Mix today on (01737 212644) or email us further with details about your project – and we will set you up with a free quote of concrete bags that supports your budget and Price match services.

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