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Surrey ReadyMix has over 25 years of experience in the construction industry. We offer a professional, reliable and friendly service delivering concrete, 24 hrs a day, 7 days a week.




Each mix is specifically designed to do the job you want it to do, whether it be a simple footing or a highly trafficked area with minimum shutdown.



Surrey ReadyMix are able to supply a wide range of concrete and screed mix designs, which vary depending on the usage or project specification.



Surrey ReadyMix are your one-stop for concrete supply and delivery. We mix on-site, which means that you get the exact amount of concrete that you need.


Here at Surrey ReadyMix we are committed to providing quality products and unmatched service to our customers.

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Please use this calculator to estimate the quantity of concrete required for your project.


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Here at Surrey ReadyMix we are committed to providing quality products and unmatched service to our customers. Our fleet of lorries are fully automated, batching plants. Capable of mixing concrete and screed to our customer’s specific requirements.

We mix the required amount on site which ensures you receive the correct quantity every time as it is very difficult to correctly estimate how much you need, even for the more experienced, so our onboard computer provides us with the amount used which is great if you needed more or less than you ordered as with this way you don’t get charged for waste as there isn’t any. It is a really accurate, cost-effective, and very clean way of providing concrete.

In need of cheap, reliable concrete mix from experts operating for a company that supplies the best prices, the best service and all the pump and mix supplies you need in your local area?  Surrey Ready Mix will always be on hand to help.  If you’re looking for concrete mix rental, delivery direct from our plant or simply need our experts to offer advice on how to best support your house, domestic or commercial project with the right concrete, we’re the top team to call.  Hiring a ‘near me’ pump truck or batching planet means you get a local firm with local focus – we’re always primed ready to dispatch our on site services to companies who need us – we’re a supplier with a fleet of truck and lorry vehicles on standby, always ready to supply small to large projects and construction site needs with the right tools, mix and experience.  From floor to roof and all the posts and fencing in between, a hire with us is one which always leaves our customers with long-standing results.  Why head to Homebase when you can call us for delivery and expert support as and when you need it?  We support and offer concrete pumping, ready mix concrete, dry mix concrete, post mix concrete and premix concrete – and much more besides.  You can even use our concrete mix calculator to work out exactly how many concrete bags you need to purchase from us.  How many other concrete mix suppliers in Surrey offer such a service?

Pump Truck Vehicles and Concrete Bags on Demand

We’re here for you whenever you need us – for everything from delivery to expertise, from on site pumping to concrete bags – we have everything you need to make sure that your domestic or commercial construction always goes off swimmingly.  Our friendly, experienced team are the best at what they do in our region, meaning that you’ll always be hiring a local firm with genuine passion and experience at the core of what we do.  Surrey Ready Mix are ready to supply you with a reliable quote that competes directly with other concrete suppliers in our region – come and talk to us first and we will set you up with a plan of action that will inspire you to move towards that big construction goal.

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Call us today for more information on our services – to book directly – or to find out more about how we support each and every one of our customers and clients.  Why pay more for premix concrete and specialist concrete pumping?  Call us on 01737 212644 or book online via web form – and we will be with you just as soon as we possibly can.  Don’t go about carting all the concrete you need from your local Homebase – save yourself time, money and effort by getting in touch with Surrey Ready Mix first – and take a look at our various services and expertise right here on our website before you start booking.

Please contact us on 01737 212644 to arrange a FREE quotation. Alternatively, email us at surreyreadymix@gmail.com.